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LED industry how to achieve healthy blood circulation

Dec 06, 2016

At present, over seven thousand or eight thousand domestic LED applications 95% micro-scale is still small, circular flows of money from the industry chain to see if application "fever" upstream "cold", and out of concern about the risk of accounts receivable, upstream will speed up payment collection, capital and raw materials even more nervous.
Finally, we all look forward to from the national level LED to a Terminal allowance and supported, but limited resources, release, and is still the only place LED oligarchs. More difficult, five-year peak of subsidy is gone, the strong get stronger and the weak being weaker pattern of differentiation in the context of protection of local administration has formed and has been continuously consolidated.
Five years ago, maybe a few people will believe that LED to rule lighting areas; five years later, few would suspect: the LED has represented the future of lighting. The people of God were "excited" LED era incentive "blood" in disguise "blood transfusion", is not only related to the section LED the firm's survival and development, but also domestic LED industry can achieve healthy blood circulation problems.