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LED lamp bead's influence on LED display

Dec 06, 2016

Full color LED display LED lamp bead is the most key components. There are three reasons:
1. the LED is used in full color the whole key to the largest number of devices per square meter will be used between thousands of tens of thousands of LED;
2. the LED is to determine the optical display performance of the whole screen, directly influencing evaluation of display;
3. LED screens accounted for the largest proportion in the overall costs, ranging from 30% to 70%.
How to discern good LED display led lamp
1. look at the welding point. Regular LED light bar manufacturers of LED lights is SMT SMD technology, solder paste and solder reflow process
2. look at the FPC quality. FPC deposited copper and rolled copper two, apply copper foil is out, can look out from the pad and the joints of FPC
3. LED lights with three, and the cleanliness of the surface. If the LED lights with use of SMT production, surface cleanliness is very good, no impurity and dirt
4. and see LED lamp with of chip and production process, with eyes is see not out difference of, to with aging equipment and detection equipment if you put several manufacturers of LED put in aging instrument Shang with big current aging 24 hours or more long time, you again to measurement several manufacturers of LED brightness, see that led glow strength attenuation minimum, attenuation minimum that quality on best.