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LED lighting industry investment

Dec 06, 2016

From the field of automotive lighting, automotive technology development with each passing day, the development of increasingly intelligent and green in the direction of environmental protection. It can be said that automotive lighting is from the traditional field transition to a new field of LED lighting. At present, OSRAM, Philips Lighting, such as bosses have issued Automotive LED lighting products, applied to the tail light, turn signal and brake light applications, Automotive LED lighting shares are rising year by year.
Automotive LED lighting product gross margin is 3-5 times normal LED products, this market segment has been attracting many enterprises involved in LED lighting. In EU and other countries have been declared fully disabled, cut-off incandescent Act, LED lamps and home lighting needs to rise. Meanwhile, with the improvement of people's living standards, people are vehicle performance requirements increase, domestic brand vehicles only at a low low price competition will be difficult to achieve better results. Domestic brand cars will improve vehicle to run in competition, boost the market share of drag racing speed LED lights.
LED industry core patents to be international giant monopoly now has more "forced" trend, so will have complete independent intellectual property rights of the substrate LED technology into the national technology strategy, has become China's LED industry urgently needed for sustainable development.