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LED lighting market prospects is impossible

Dec 06, 2016

China intelligent lighting technology Summit 2015 "is a lively scene, high-end technology will share the speech attracted a large number of experts and audience participation. Through this meeting, LED the industry's top experts who gathered together to discuss LED lighting market through joint efforts.
LED development status and trend of intelligent lighting "keynote. He said semiconductor lighting has become the mainstream of the global lighting market, its penetration rate in the lighting market in fast to 12.5%. 2008-2012, the global semiconductor market grew to 53.9%, much higher than the overall lighting market single digit growth rates Also, Seoul semiconductor products Manager Liu Xin, and and the South University photoelectric Engineering College Professor Chen Changying, and British fly Ling power management and diversified sector market Department engineer Savio Tsang, and TUV South Deutsche group "double male" and so on industry people, from different of angle share intelligent lighting technology of currently of research process and the future of development trend, described has intelligent lighting of most tip technology development trend, while encouraged LED lighting enterprise on existing technology for upgrade, meet high quality of lighting needs, Promoting the development of intelligent lighting indoor lighting.