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Traffic lights manufacturers should explore new markets developing new ways

Dec 06, 2016

Transportation equipment as essential elements for road traffic, is an important part of traffic signals, and the major frame parts, its construction is of very important significance. Transportation equipment can be used in highways, highways and roads of the city, plays an important role in the traffic.
Industry research and development staff shortage led traffic lights in this area in design and manufacture produce some unreasonable design factors, such as light poles of thin wall, traffic lights in dust, rain's performance without reflector design. These problems are caused due to the lack of qualified research and development personnel. These problems will seriously impact on street lighting and road safety.
Product quality is uneven, imitation between the industry seriously, although the traffic lights more and more manufacturers on the market, but constantly emerging manufacturer can lead to market disorder, causing traffic lights product quality is not guaranteed. But traffic signals of some famous brand manufacturers in product quality is still doing very well, will appear on the market when there is a new enterprise and development of traffic lights in the market when the popular, other manufacturers will follow. This serious type of led traffic signals in the market are similar, the lack of innovation.