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Analysis Of LED Lamp-emitting Efficiency

Nov 03, 2017

LED Lamping performance continues to improve, in order to achieve high brightness requirements, but also to increase the power of a single component, especially the subsequent operation of high heat conditions, it is possible because of high heat problems, the components of the Lamp fades or life relative Reduce, and in terms of components in the front of the process to consider the cooling needs, than from the external conditions for thermal design to be more efficient, but also sustainable development of higher power, high brightness LED components for daily Lamping applications.

In recent years, environmental issues continue to heat up, so that the status of a variety of electricity has changed dramatically, there are many great changes in the terminal electrical appliances, such as CRT TVs replaced by LCDTV, LED Lamp or even incandescent energy-consuming Lamps, has also become a Lamp source in all countries have been banned.

Because 19% of global electricity consumption is observed for Lamping applications, the introduction of energy-saving lamps into day-to-day Lamping can have significant energy savings for global energy consumption. Therefore, in order to create a greener national image, But also actively adopt the direction of energy saving and energy saving through the guidance of policies, regulations and industry. LED Lamp The use of the original LED or CCFL new Lamp source design to replace the traditional Lamp source for daily Lamping applications has also become an important development trend of the Lamping industry.

In most practical applications, a large number of high-efficiency and high-intensity Lamp sources are still required. For example, street lamps, store Lamping, store Lamping, etc., high-performance and high-brightness Lamping facilities are required. Mostly high-intensity high- intensity discharge (HID) or halogen lamps to meet the needs of high brightness and high illuminance applications. In the long-term needs of stores and stores, CFLs are often used. In residential areas, incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps (CFL) or a new power-saving bulb that claims power savings. In many practical applications, the most energy-hungry and most inefficient Lamp sources should be incandescent Lamp bulbs, as a large amount of energy is converted to useless heat when applied and the lamp life is reduced.

The application of specific Lamp source to observe the daily Lamping market covers a wide range of applications, including building Lamping, signs, landscape Lamping, retail, signal Lamps, street Lamping and residential Lamping. To discuss the benefits of energy savings, it is necessary to propose scientifically sound estimates of existing luminaires, LED Lamp such as efficiency measures at the input power ratio versus the actual output lumen, and the current practice of multiplying x estimates per lumen (or Energy efficiency.

With the existing Lamping applications observed, incandescent Lamping scheme, the worst energy efficiency, for example, with a 60W incandescent lamp according to real name, the energy efficiency of about 10lm / W, CFL compared to CFL energy efficiency up to 50lm / W. A 100WHID can have 80lm / W, which is equivalent to producing 8,000 lumens of brightness.

LED is characterized by its own is an electronic components, and gas discharge HID lamps, CFL fluorescent lamps such sources, the glass container must be built-in high-pressure gas volume is relatively smaller, without the need to fill toxic elements, the module itself With metal contacts, and can be welded on any surface, the convenience is quite high.

LED Lamps with a number of future advantages of the Lamp source, including energy efficiency is the most concerned about the focus of the industry.

In the past, LED technology was limited by technology at that time and could not be effectively improved in brightness. It is mostly used as an auxiliary Lamp source for indicative purposes. However, production of white LEDs has been greatly improved by using white LEDs as an example. For example, Of the luminous effect, while significantly improving the brightness output of a single component, the current white LED energy efficiency has been substantial progress in the performance of color temperature 4,500 ~ 6,000k, the test data in the laboratory has reached more than 200lm / W of high performance.

LED is a solid-state Lamp source components, components in the higher hardness, higher intensity, not as traditional Lamp source because it is mainly made of glass, there will be fear of falling, impatience impact problems can also be used with different phosphor design or configuration design, Producing a wide range of Lamp source features, LED Lamp the unit also contains no mercury, with over 50,000 hours of life, LED life is only higher than incandescent lamps can only operate for 1,000 hours to be higher.

Due to the different physical characteristics of LEDs in the original device, the concept of making a Lamp source system is quite different from that of the traditional design. More technical and professional assistance is needed.