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Do Not Blindly Pursue High Brightness Led Lamps

Sep 27, 2017

Do not blindly pursue high brightness led Lamps

led Lamps industry development has been a few years, many customers are running led Lamps energy saving, environmental protection, highLamp the characteristics of the pursuit of blindly high brightness to do, such as 3-watt led spotLamps and led downLamp, requiring brightness To be very bright to achieve the best brightness of traditional fluorescent tubes, which is actually unrealistic. General current 18-watt led lamp, the brightness is already the traditional 40-watt fluorescent tube brightness, the effect is very good, very strong Lamp, saving 22 watts of electricity. To energy-saving emission reduction and reduce electricity and coal a lot less energy.

At present, the market generally 15 watts led Lamp bar brightness has reached the brightness of the previous T5 lamp, so the decoration works, led Lamp bar is often replaced by the previous T5 fluorescent tube security equipment in the independent channel, the counter is also commonly used led Lamp bar replacement The Easy installation, saving electricity and heat.

In fact, on different occasions, there are different led Lamping standards, customers blindly pursue high brightness, that is, a waste, but also people have harm, the pursuit of high brightness, there may be led lamp manufacturers will let the project to increase the current, which led to the lamp Lamp failure and failure rate increased some, so, in recognition of Lamping needs at the same time, choose to meet their own needs led Lamps is very important.

In this, call the consumer does not understand led Lamps in the purchase of led Lamps at the same time, detailed advice related to led Lamping designer or lamp manufacturers on behalf of. In order to get a very good Lamp demand.