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Does LED Lamp Really Cause Headaches And Vision Loss?

Jul 17, 2017

  Does LED Lamp really cause headaches and vision loss?

  With the promotion and wide application of LED lamps and lanterns, more and more families and office units are choosing LED Lamp, but some experts have expressed concern that the present market LED Lamp bulbs cause headaches, reduced attention and impaired eyesight.

  Six years ago, the market LED Lamp successfully replaced the old bulbs. Many families, work units and public places are beginning to use new LED energy-saving lights. The innovation of light technology brings about the possibility of energy saving. However, the relevant experts expressed some concern about this. Experts this year on the market on the dozens of LED energy-saving lamps did a survey, the results show that most products are quality problems. He told the media that consumers could not judge the quality of these lamps by themselves. These quality problems are not caused by LED technology, but rather the problem of assembly structure.

  Experts say that many of the LED Lamp sold on the market use pulsed power supply (commonly known as the power supply of throttling step-down), the cost is relatively low, at the same time to adjust the brightness of light, but also extend the service life of the lamp. However, it is not a continuous glow, but a very high rate of flashing (which is what we often call the stroboscopic phenomenon), we do not feel the naked eye, only the brain and the retina can detect. This can lead to headaches, decreased attention, and impaired eyesight. Stroboscopic phenomenon can be simple with the current mobile phone camera mode on the LED Lamp, if there is a stroboscopic phenomenon, the camera screen will appear water ripple, if the picture of the mobile phone in the pictures, this indicates that the LED Lamp are stroboscopic phenomenon.

  At the same time, according to the luminous principle of LED Lamp, the current market mainstream white light lighting lamps are using blue chips through the yellow phosphor to produce white light, known, often in the blue light, also easy to produce headaches, attention reduction, visual impairment, so in the use of LED Lamp to choose the color temperature of the white light when possible low color temperature products, 6500K color temperature below the product is more appropriate, of course, the lower the color temperature, the more suitable for people's eyes. Therefore, in response to these problems, the relevant experts hope that the Government should pay more attention to improve laws and regulations, so that unqualified products disappear from the market. At the same time, he also stressed that led energy-saving lamps will be better technology, compared with the old bulb, LED lamp consumption is its one-tenth, for energy saving is also playing a positive role.