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How To Distinguish The Quality Of LED Lamp And Good Or Bad

Aug 10, 2017

  How to distinguish the quality of LED Lamp and good or bad

  At present, because of the rapid development of LED Lamp, the market is full of the chaos of different quality LED Lamp products, many low-end small workshop produced a lot of cheap and low-quality low-end LED Lamp to attract some like cheap consumer, led to a fire and failure rate, and not to the original good warranty and warranty, and so on are basically a sentence: "A penny of the price of goods to you a service quality." This gave a lot of cheap led light consumers to wake up the alarm, I also remind consumers eyes, do not buy cheap LED lamp products, to prevent low-cost low quality caused the problem.

  But how to distinguish the quality of LED lamps from many different price LED Lamp, the author puts forward the following, from the experimental point of view, the LED lamp from the aging of the data and the finished product assembled in the aging data must be different, depending on the LED lamp working on the electrical parameters and lighting design conditions and the use of LED lighting environment. In addition, the choice of what kind of LED lamp bead is very important, this is to determine the quality of LED Lamp key factors, the same crystal chip, with ordinary epoxy resin and white light colloid and encapsulated glue sealed out of the LED Wick, in the same aging environment, different glue of the light failure, in the LED lamp chip lighting work, epoxy resin conductivity is poor, in the LED light source outside the stent 50 degrees, in fact, the chip has reached 80 degrees, Therefore, packaging capacity and the cost of materials at different prices is very important.

  We all know that LED Lamp are afraid of heat, for LED Lamp, the higher the heat, the shorter life expectancy, so good heat dissipation aluminum thickness and weight also affect the life of LED Lamp, in addition, in the LED power supply, different materials of different costs and different quality of LED rectifier, the price is not the same, so in the use of LED Lamp, the proposed use of high-grade LED lighting products, reduce the future occurrence of the failure rate and quality problems, reduce unnecessary trouble in the future appear.