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How To Get The LED Lamp Out Of Low Price Competition

Jul 17, 2017

  How to get the LED lamp out of low price competition

  At present, LED lamp market competition is fierce, many LED lights manufacturers in order to win more customers and markets, have to play a price war, and constantly lower prices to sell, like a treasure on the sale of LED bulb lights, LED tube lights, LED ceiling lamps, etc., only a few yuan, but also parcel post, LED lamp manufacturers have to sigh too little profit, business is difficult to do, then how can we get rid of this low price fate?

  An ordinary LED bulb lamp, placed in an ordinary shop, with a common sales method, then it can only sell 3 yuan, it is because there is no value of innovation tragedy, but if we will this led bubble lamp design into the most popular style this year, then this lamp can be sold to 8 yuan, which has achieved the design value innovation.

  If we again in this a LED bulb lamp affixed to the famous brand label, then can sell to 14 yuan, 3 yuan of the lamp can not compare with you, because people will not be willing to buy three no products, but are willing to pay for the brand. This is the brand value innovation.

  If we will again led ceiling lamp, LED table lamp, LED floor light with a bedroom suit, have 3W, 4W, 5W, to sell, all made exquisite modelling, and take a warm name, then, sell 200 yuan a group is not a problem. This is the value of product portfolio innovation.

  If your LED lamp is the top-grade import chip, then can also dig out its value, such as imports of chips, 0 radiation, more stable luminescence, longer life, then sell 250 yuan absolutely no problem, this is the extension of the value of the product innovation.

  If we add the above LED lamps and lanterns to 3 types of lighting, such as Villa lights, banquet lights, hotel lobby lights, then 2000 yuan will also be very popular, this is the product packaging value innovation.

  Thus, your LED light can sell how much money, all by your own marketing strategy to decide, the same LED lights, take different value innovation strategy, will produce different marketing results, and not just limited to each LED lamp manufacturers to fight price war, the formation of vicious competition.