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How To Maintain The LED Lamp During Use

Aug 10, 2017

  How to maintain the LED Lamp during use

  LED lamp has been developed into a scale, general LED lamps will provide energy efficiency indicators, marking will contain some relevant information, such as the name of LED lamp manufacturers, trademarks, models nominal, the energy consumption level of LED lamps, whether the use of light bulbs is led light source, whether the light source can be replaced by the end consumers themselves, and the use of light source energy efficiency level information, in addition, the relevant specifications, lamps and lanterns corresponding performance parameters, LED Lamp including the use of light source type and energy efficiency level related parameters

  Usually there are these signs.

  In the LED lamp manufacturers to provide products have a corresponding safety instructions, describe the installation, use and maintenance of the relevant safety information, use frequency, LED Lamp suitability of the installation on the combustible surface, how to replace the corresponding cable connection, indoor and outdoor use, can carry the wind, the installation can be touched and position. In addition, in the type of light source, the use of state, LED lighting related safety indicators, installation needs of the marking information, electrical parameters, use of the environment, the protection of electric shock level, dust and waterproof grade, can be installed on the combustible surface, lamp connection, the need to replace the light source, light source power, which type of light source, replace the protective cover, such as the use of signs, the minimum exposure distance, LED Lamp the use of the lamp environment, regulation, the font and icon to meet a certain size requirements and other related indicators.