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How To Test The Life Of The Neon Lamp

Oct 18, 2017

Neon lamp life is neon lamp life tester on the neon lamp accelerated life test.

1. Test, the Lamping power can not be closed, that is, continuous work. After the end of life test, neon lumen maintenance rate of not less than 50%, said neon lamp life qualified.

2. The neon will be placed in a constant hot and humid test chamber, and gradually increase the temperature inside the box to the specified value, to be stable after the temperature, and then adjust the relative humidity inside the box should be maintained in the range of 90% -95% Placed in the hot box for 48 h, the Lamp should be normal, the lead should not have corrosion.

3. Neon Lamp should be clear, the standard brightness and quasi-high brightness Lamp-emitting surface in more than 95%, and concentrated in the electrode; high brightness, ultra-high brightness Lamp surface above 50%, and concentrated in the upper part of the electrode, The number of lamps should not exceed 3 ‰

Neon lamp main function of Lamping, instructions, visual effects, and when the product is working, it is easy to identify, in the circuit i test point induction of the charged device electric field energy, when the electric field can accumulate to a certain voltage after the charged instructions The display Lamp of the device turns on and then flashes. The flash frequency varies with the system voltage. Neon used in the circuit when there will be a flash of the situation, we must first determine whether the use of neon voltage problems, because the use of neon voltage is required, then the use of neon in the circuit Kai Hui voltage is between 65-90v, in the case of voltage instability, is the most likely occurrence of neon flashing situation. There is also a situation in the neon inside the neon leakage, neon supply neon gas shortage, there will be neon flashing situation.