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I Wonder How Many Lights You

Dec 06, 2016

Traffic lights three color alarm lamp is divided into two species, three color lamp a is for command vehicles of red, and yellow, and green three color lights, multilayer type warning lamp set in make junction conspicuous of place, called vehicles traffic command lamp; three color warning lamp another a is for command pedestrian cross had road of red, and green two color lights, set in crosswalk of ends, called crosswalk lamp. Traffic regulations in China provided for traffic lights: the light turned green, vehicles and pedestrians, but turns are prohibited in the way straight on vehicles and pedestrians by release. When the yellow light to traffic and pedestrians, but has crossed the stop line of vehicles and traffic has already entered the crosswalk, you can continue to access. When the lights to traffic and pedestrians. Green arrow lights up to allow access by vehicles by the arrow direction as shown in. Yellow light is flashing, vehicle, under the principle of ensuring the safety of pedestrians is negotiable. Crossing the road to the crosswalk line where bridge and tunnel sections crossing the street, should conscientiously overpasses and underground passages. Cross the street, walk a straight line, not weaving through; no crosswalk section to look left, look right, under confirmation when there is no vehicle through to cross the road. Do not go over road safety barrier and the isolation of the Central Pier, not to skateboard in the road. Do not suddenly crossed the street, especially across the road there's acquaintances, friends calling, or one has to be on the bus stop, do not rush, to avoid accidents.