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Innovation Drives New Traffic Signals Manufacturer Use Energy-saving And Emission Reduction Market

Dec 06, 2016

Intelligent transportation information systems acquisition machinery and equipment in China's major cities have been laid, and have a wide range of applications. According to the Agency, and the forecast, 2015 is intelligent transportation market will reach 12.5 billion yuan. Around the Government's growing emphasis on construction of intelligent transportation systems, intelligent traffic management in some cities has reached a higher level, ETC, and parking resources, road information, traffic information push service based on intelligent transportation system has been basically achieved, intelligent traffic signals manufacturer's promotion is also gaining popularity.

Intelligent transportation system is the direction of future transportation system, is a revolution in transport. By means of advanced information technology, communication technology, control technology, sensor technology, computer technology and systems integration and application of comprehensive technology, people, vehicles, the relationship between the new way, enabling real-time, accurate, efficient, safe, energy-saving goals.

With new information technology of depth application, on traffic based facilities traffic lights, and traffic flow and the environment, State perception will more dynamic and real-time, this is support intelligent traffic development of based, intelligent traffic provides of information service will throughout traffic transport field of all corner, and can according to travel who need and time, and costs, and comfortable, and low carbon, different of value orientation, anytime, anywhere provides personalized, and diversification of information service, through car road collaborative, and ship Bank communications, way, Realize the dangerous situation of initiative to early warning and rapid response, for participants to provide a more secure and reliable transport of traffic environment.