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LED Lamp And Incandescent Lighting In The Road Of Development In The Game

Jul 20, 2017

  LED Lamp and incandescent lighting in the road of development in the game

  LED light-emitting diode is a solid light source, when the light-emitting diode at both ends with the forward voltage, the semiconductor minority carrier and the majority of carriers recombination, the release of excess energy will cause photon emission. Using different materials, can be made into different colors with light-emitting diodes. As a new light source, in recent years, major companies and research institutions on the LED Lamp in the ascendant, so that the light effect can be greatly improved, has reached the level of incandescent.

  With the further development of LED research, LED Lamp its light efficiency will be further improved, and its cost will be one step down in the near future, LED to replace incandescent or even fluorescent light and the development of the 21st century, a major lighting source will become a trend.

  In addition, although the LED Lamp do not like xenon or halogen incandescent light as bright, and three or four LED together, the light is the ordinary battery life of 10-20 times, which is widely used in the automotive industry, traffic lights , Display and other fields.

  Compared to incandescent, LED in the case of wrestling or impact more difficult to damage, it can continue to light 100,000 hours, while the traditional incandescent lamp can only maintain hundreds of hours. LED Lamp Based on these advantages, LED has been favored by cyclists and campers, because they only need to spend 10-100 dollars will be able to buy 1-20 LED, and easy to carry.

  What we need to pay special attention to: the real potential of light-emitting diodes is the application of digital electronics. As a diode, in design, compared to the nineteenth century Thomas Edison invented the incandescent lamp, they are closer to the computer processor chip design. LED is particularly suitable for optoelectronic technology, because incandescent need to consume a lot of energy to meet the temperature requirements, and LED is brighter, faster, more efficient, more reliable, LED Lamp more pure colors to achieve the goal.