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LED Lamp Buy Nine Points

Sep 19, 2017

LED lights in many parts of life are indispensable, then how to choose LED lights? Here to introduce the LED lights to buy methods and points, we can refer to!

First, how to choose LED lights?

Bedroom LED lights how to choose - soft and warm

13-50w, the bedroom light requirements soft, easy to create a warm atmosphere; there should be no glare of light to make people more likely to sleep, so the requirements of the low wattage of light.

Living room LED lights how to choose - bright light

60-450w, the living room area generally accounts for the main proportion of the total area of the house, so the demand for light wattage is relatively high, requiring it to ensure the lighting under the premise of the living room is transparent and bright and generous is also particularly important.

Kitchen LED lights how to choose - full brightness

3-38w, because people in the kitchen will be carried out for a long time the length of labor, vegetables and other fine action on the light requirements are relatively high. It is necessary to ensure that the kitchen without leaving the dark area, but also to reduce the inconvenience and danger when cooking, so need to choose the light more adequate light.

Children's room LED lights how to choose - low wattage

13-70w, children room room need to choose a soft light, the room is too bright light will stimulate the eyes and thus affect sleep, and low brightness light is conducive to cultivating children's sleep, so to choose low wattage of light.

Elderly room LED lights how to choose - high wattage

25-100w, the elderly decreased vision, feel the light is far less than the young people. The elderly need more bright lights to protect things to see things, so the need to select the high wattage of light.

Second, LED lights to buy methods

LED lights optional point one: anti-static ability

Anti-static ability of LED, long life, and thus high prices. Usually anti-static greater than 700V LED can be used for LED lighting.

LED lights to buy two points: life

The key to different quality is life, life is determined by the light fade. Light fades small, long life, long life, high prices.

LED lights optional points three: wavelength

Wavelength consistent LED, color consistent, then the price is high. Producers who do not have LED spectrophotometers are difficult to produce pure color products.

LED lights optional points four: leakage current

LED is a one-way conductive light, if there is reverse current, then called leakage, leakage current LED, short life, low prices.

LED lights to buy five points: LED chip

LED luminous body for the chip, different chips, the price difference is very large. Japan, the United States more expensive chip, Taiwan and China's domestic manufacturers of LED chip prices lower than Japan, the United States.

LED lights to buy points 6: light angle

Use different LED its light angle is not the same. Special light angle, the price is higher. Such as full diffuse angle, the price is higher.

LED lights to buy points seven: chip size

The size of the chip to side length, large chip LED quality is better than the small chip. The price is proportional to the chip size.

LED lights to buy points eight: brightness

LED brightness is different, the price is different.

LED lights optional points nine: colloid

Ordinary LED colloid is generally epoxy resin, plus anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant LED more expensive, high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be anti-ultraviolet and fire.