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LED Lamp How To Choose The Right One

Sep 26, 2017

LED Lamp is both rich in the product market, so that consumers have more choice, but also caused great trouble for consumers. You think about: hundreds of thousands of brands plus every brand at least 10 kinds of models, absolutely let the layman to see the dizzy, dazzling. How to from the Ling Lang eyes, fish eyes of the mixed jungle "to its dregs, whichever is the essence", which is a technical live.

From the appearance of election:

Look at the appearance of packaging. The state mandatory requirements LED lighting manufacturers in the product packaging marked the following: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. In general, high-quality products, trademark printing quality is good, signs clearly visible, and there are manufacturers of trademarks, address, contact (note that the kind is not only a mobile phone number), after-sales information and related certification mark.

2. To see if there are 3c certification, China has a mandatory national standard "more than 50V ordinary lighting with self-ballasted LED lights safety requirements" (GB24906-2010), to check whether the packaging marked. If you have CE certification, the US ETL product certification is better - in short, the more certification through the more assurance.

3. Open the package, see the led before, to see whether there is corrugated candle protection, there is no fixed bracket fixed good, which is not to say that more vulnerable to protect the need for careful protection, but can see the manufacturers of products , The degree of responsibility.

4. After seeing the led bulb, you should check the appearance of the shade on the cracks, loose, whether the interface between the various closely, with or without pry the traces of repair.

5. There should be no loose or tilted head between the lamp and the radiator.

6. If you can, unscrew the lampshade, you can see how the led with the external circuit welding, of course, to choose a full welding, shiny, no Weld products.

From the use of choice:

At present, most of the manufacturers have provided a variety of color temperature led, color temperature unit Kelvin (K), the red light source temperature between 800K ~ 900K, yellow and white light source color temperature of about 3,000K, white light color temperature of about 5500K, light blue The color temperature of the color light source is between 8,000K and 12,000K. Light source color temperature according to personal preferences to choose, for example, some people like warm color lamps, then he can choose about 3,000K color temperature lamps.

1. Warm white - use the creamy shade, weaken more light, make the light look softer, looks more comfortable, generally used to do the decorative atmosphere - warm white and natural white temperature will give a warm , Warm feeling, suitable for use in hotels, hotels and bedrooms. Not only for decoration, need to be closer to the eyes of the lighting, the warm white is better than the white program.

2. White (white) - translucent shade, as far as possible so that the light emitted by the diode are penetrated to the outside, there are many shades are more than 95% light transmittance, making it more suitable for the display as a lighting. Giving cool feeling, for the office, living room lighting more.

Select from power:

Currently led mainly in the 3w, 5w, 7w, 9w, 11w these five kinds of specifications, according to the user's lighting needs to convert their own (with incandescent equivalent conversion) choice.

There are curious people probably will be the first time to ask: Why is there no greater power led?

This has three main reasons:

1. From the equivalent power, a single 11w has gone beyond 100w above the incandescent lighting brightness, and if there is not enough, generally need to deploy multiple led lights to provide lighting.

2. From the realization of speaking, the current led brightness increase (power boost), are led chip simple stack, the greater the power needs more space to place more led patch, need to be more complex, more Powerful conversion circuit to provide more power supply, is not conducive to small control.

3. The use of a wide range. More powerful led may only a small part of the special crowd need to use, not in the home of the most vast forest, manufacturers do not want to do independent research and development.