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LED Lamp What Are The Shortcomings

Nov 01, 2017

LED lights advantage is obvious, then, LED lights really flawless, I think the extremes meet, and sometimes her advantage to do bad but will become her defect, and today I come with you to analyze the LED lights Those shortcomings, I hope you have a bottom.

First of all, for her life, which there is a main drive circuit with the LED energy-saving lamp power supply match problem, the main reason is that there is no uniform domestic LED lighting standards, and LED lighting manufacturers and many , The production of uneven quality, if the production of LED lamps manufacturers do not force, can not live for too long, it is likely to promote 10 years of LED lamps 1 year on the bad, and six months ago this LED lighting company has closed down this Kind of embarrassing situation, so we need to polish his eyes, seriously treat your purchase of LED lamps.

Second, is the heat, which may be the biggest problem facing the current LED lamps it Now the LED lamp cooling is very passive, the main use of LED lights LED chip composite heat generated by the heat, and then through the heat sink to heat out, the main use of the passive air cooling method, so that LED lights Thermal design is very important, and this is some of the LED lighting company's focus on scientific research, and the current LED cottage lamps, often only have its shape, without practical results. So heat has become an important factor in judging the quality of the lamp.

Third, the weight of LED lamps, we may find in the purchase time, a lot of manufacturers pay more attention to everyone to promote their LED lamps cooling materials, and promotional materials is nothing more than two focus, one is how the material itself, the other is Weighing. LED light weight of the lamp is a relatively large test, because the previous energy-saving lamps do not have heat sink, so the weight is relatively light, the weight of energy-saving lamps for the light to the impact of minimal, and LED lights are different, she has heat The problem, so we have to consider the weight of the light on the impact. LED lamps to take into account the current heat, but also consider the weight of the cooling material, this is a dilemma, the only thing to do is to find their balance. So when we buy the weight can also be seen as the purchase of LED lighting standards, if the cooling material is not qualified, then in general it will be more light LED lamps, but this is not a good standard. So I still recommend that you buy those reliable brand of LED lights.

The last one is the price, and now the same brightness of the case, the efficiency of energy-saving lamps roughly 1W1 yuan level, while the LED energy-saving lamps are basically maintained at 1W5 ~ 10 yuan level. Fortunately, the current development of LED lights is very rapid, the current cost is declining, coupled with national policy subsidies, one day this shortcoming is still very easy to overcome.