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LED Lamplong Lasting

Aug 22, 2017

As people's awareness of environmental protection gradually increased, led lights in our lives in the use of frequency is getting higher and higher, in addition to knowing that led lights have this important feature of environmental protection can be popular, there are those advantages to make It is based on our long lamp market, it is in the use of the work of what is it? Is it in itself there is not enough? Its color temperature and what color? This series of questions whether we all understand it, in order to enable you to better and more comprehensive understanding of led lights, and today for everyone to tell you about the knowledge associated with led lights.

First, the principle of led lights

Led lamp is the most important light-emitting diodes, which is what we said led, it is a semiconductor device that can convert energy into a visible light source, and in this led, set up a chip, by the N-type semiconductor And P-type semiconductors, these two parts will be connected to form a PN junction, so this chip is particularly important when the current through the wafer when the electrons in the P area of energy, and then in the form of photons to produce light source, which That is, led lights can light the principle of where the Department.

Second, the advantages of led lights

Can be used to accept the led lights, it has the following characteristics:

1, led lamp long life Under normal circumstances led lights and other general lights compared to their life are right and wrong

Often long, can reach the use of more than 50,000 hours.

2, led lights can adapt to a variety of state environment, the general energy-saving lamps if it is in the frequent open and closed state is

Very easy to bad, and led lights to adapt to this high state of the work environment.

3, led lamp production, the integration of the world's top light production technology, its light source for the surface light source, this light source can

Enough to increase the luminous surface, very affinity to people's eyes.

4, led light inside the mercury, lead and the like the existence of harmful substances, no pollution to the environment.

Third, the shortcomings of led lights

No matter how good the product has a relative side, although our led lights have so many advantages, but we still can not avoid its one-sided shortcomings:

1, led light source has a strong direction, which requires us to consider the design of the lamp led special optical characteristics.

2, we started in the new led lights when the market to buy, the cost of the first to be more expensive.

3, if the long-term use of led lights and the effect of poor heat, will greatly reduce the life of led lights.

Four, led light source characteristics

Led light source has a long life, high-tech, multi-transformation, the new green light source four aspects of the characteristics of the reason why it is long life, because led to solid cold light source, coupled with the use of epoxy resin for packaging High-tech refers to the light source is a low-voltage products, the integration of a technology, image processing technology and other advanced science and technology to manufacture, the use of high-tech products, So the light source is more high-end; and its multi-conversion refers to the led light source is the use of red, blue, green three basic colors to produce any mix can make it produce a different color light source; Finally, the so-called new green light source is led Light source is the use of cold light source, no radiation, glare small, in the use of time will not produce harmful substances.