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LED Lamps Have A Number Of Future Lamp Sources

Jul 10, 2017

  LED Lamps have a number of future Lamp sources, including energy efficiency is the most bred focus.

  Led in the past because of the limited technology at that time, the brightness can not be effectively promoted, more for indicative use of auxiliary Lamp source, but now with white led as an example, the production method has been greatly improved, for example, through the efficient performance of blue led phosphor to produce an approximate white Lamp luminous effect, while significantly improving the brightness of a single component output, the current white LED energy efficiency has been significantly advanced, color temperature performance 4, 500~6, 000k, in the laboratory test data can reach beyond 200lm/ Performance of W.

  LED is a solid-state Lamp source components, in the assembly of hardness, high strength, not as the traditional Lamp source is mainly made of glass, will appear afraid of falling, not withstanding the impact problem, can also be paired with different phosphors design or configuration design, production of different characteristics of the Lamp source effect, the whole component also does not contain mercury, and has more than 50,000 hours of life cycle, led life is more than 1,000 hours of operation of the incandescent lamp to higher.

  There are still key issues to be overcome in the introduction of life applications

  Because of the differences in the physical characteristics of the original devices, the idea of making the Lamp source system is very different from the traditional design, which requires more technical and professional assistance.

  LED bulb design in a relatively compact space, how to achieve the relevant circuit integration, must rely on integrated chip to achieve the design goals.

  1. Optical Design

  LED Lamp source is a high efficiency point Lamp source, this too concentrated Lamp source, in the traditional application will have quite a lot of problems, for example, if the lamp with a close distance of the Lamp type is not symmetrical, even if the LED has a broad color control flexibility, energy efficiency performance is also quite good, but in the life of Lamping applications will affect the use of perception, point Lamp source must be through the optical lens or mechanism design (lens, Lamp material) to produce similar to the traditional Lamping performance, will increase the cost of lamps, It is difficult to break through the physical properties of optics in compact configuration design.

  2. Thermal design

  Similarly, the continuation of the LED Assembly itself is a point of Lamp source restrictions, the components in the Lamp generated by the temperature will be too concentrated on the single point, if not effectively deal with the heat dissipation, will cause the components to burn, or even shorten the service life! In addition to the components themselves need to be designed for thermal reinforcement, for example, through the chip gold wire or board design technology to improve, to achieve the body thermal design, even if so, the heat source will still be excessive concentration in the lamp point position, How to improve the processing ability of the junction temperature control through the active heat dissipation and passive heat dissipation design of the external components, which becomes the technical gap of the related luminaire design.

  3, drive and control circuit design

  In practical application, the LED driving Lamp still needs a lot of electronic circuits to assist in order to achieve high efficiency, but for general incandescent Lamp dimming design, if you also want to implement in the new LED Lamp source, this must be through DC DC power supply control to adjust the power supply, at this time, when considering energy consumption and efficiency, will make the driver of the electronic circuit complexity greatly improved, the design takes a large number of independent components caused by the system discrete design problems, The power to save the whole is consumed in the relevant circuitry.