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Lights Embedded Parts Production Method

Dec 06, 2016

1, embedded in the professional manufacturer and Builder's description also known as cage, anchors, anchor cage, it consists of several bars that anchor bolts, snagging one end of the anchor bolt end plate bending. To equip the cage a flange at the end of the same size and bar positioning Panel, punch with the flange at the end of the same position to fix anchor bolts, drill sizes for bolt diameter and 0.5mm, bolted through the flange holes upper threaded portion of reserve 50~120mm, fixed by welding anchor bolts, fixed with 6~14mm steel Stirrups on the bottom cage, ensure cage deformation.
2, reinforcement cages should be based on the temporary fix, while ensuring that the roof plane reinforced PET base levels, which uses level measured in the Foundation in both vertical directions, observe the bubbles must be centered; lights embedded Foundation pouring of concrete must be reinforced, and prohibition of the concrete hollow;
3, construction in advance through embedded pipe in plastic or other materials sealed to prevent leakage of concrete when pouring concrete into the embedded pipe, causing embedded pipe plug; base after pouring, Foundation surface must be higher than the plane 5MM~10MM; conservation of concrete must be a period of time to ensure that concrete can be installed up to a certain strength.