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Neon Glow Lamp A Special Low - Voltage Cold Cathode Glow Discharge Light Source

Oct 11, 2017

Since the advent of neon lights since 1910, after a hundred years. It is a special low-pressure cold cathode glow discharge light source, and is different from other arc lamps such as fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, mercury lamps, incandescent lamps and so on. Neon lights are filled with low-pressure inert gas in the glass tube, in the high-voltage electric field under the cold cathode glow discharge and light. Neon light color is determined by the characteristics of the inert gas into the spectral characteristics: light tube neon filled neon, neon light red; fluorescent neon filled with argon and mercury, neon blue, yellow and other light, these two Large class of neon lights are dependent on the work of the gas atom Attenuation radiation.

After the external power supply circuit, several thousand volts or even tens of thousands of volts will be generated from the transformer output. The high voltage is applied to the ends of the neon tube, the charged particles in the neon tube are accelerated in the high voltage electric field and fly to the electrode, to stimulate and produce a large number of electrons. These electrons are accelerated in high voltage electric fields and collide with gas atoms in the lamp. When these electrons collide with free gas atoms to reach a large enough energy, they will ionize the gas atoms and convert them into positive ions and electrons, ie, gas ionization. Collided between the charged particles and the gas atoms, the excess energy will be emitted in the form of photons, so that the neon light.

In this together, relying on usually do a good job, grid, iron rack or copper word, iron and so everything is arranged, the degree of support for the mold together, can be due to the set. Must be fixed dead, for the convenience of transport, easy to install equipment. Lamp and font size ratio, the transformer (450V), change the stent is not ready, and then put the lamp carefully wrapped in a fixed box.

Device: According to the size of neon lights, small usually on the ground with a glass pillar installed in accordance with the graphics, the corresponding lights will be distinguished with a rope tied to the glass studs feet.

Reception: together with the line according to the planning request connected, welding firmly contact, put on a glass tube, usually with bare copper wire connection, to avoid warming. It is necessary to do insulation, joints can not be loose, to avoid sparks, touch the phenomenon of bad and affect the safety and role. When running the line should pay attention to regular smooth, to avoid intertwined across. Each part of the line according to the planning request to access the intersection of the transformer terminals.