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Neon Glow Lamp Are The City's Beautician

Jul 04, 2017

  Neon Glow Lamp are the city's beautician, whenever the night falls, the lanterns, the colorful Neon Glow Lamp put the city dress up particularly beautiful. So, how is the neon made it?

  It is said that the neon is the British chemist Ramsey in an experiment by chance found. It was one night in June 1898, and Ramsey and his assistants were experimenting in the laboratory to examine whether a rare gas was conductive.

  Ramsey put a rare gas injection in the vacuum glass tube, and then enclosed in the vacuum glass tube in the two metal electrodes connected to the high-voltage power supply, Neon Glow Lamp concentrate on whether the gas can be conductive.

  Suddenly, an unexpected phenomenon occurred: the rare gas injected into the vacuum tube not only began to conduct electricity, but also issued a very beautiful red light. This magical red light surprised Ramsey and his assistant, and they opened the door to the neon world.

  Ramsey named this rare gas, which was conductive and emitting red light, neon. Later, he continued to other gases and the characteristics of the issue of colored light experiments, Neon Glow Lamp have found that xenon can send white light, argon can send blue light, helium can send yellow light, krypton can send dark blue light ... ... different Of the gas can send a different shade, colorful, like a beautiful rainbow sky. Neon is also named after this.

  Manufacturing neon way, is the use of low melting point of sodium - calcium silicate glass lamp, according to the need to design a different pattern and text, with a torch for processing, and then sintering the electrode, and then vacuum pump, and according to the required color Filled with different rare gases and made. Now the manufacture of Neon Glow Lamp more refined, and some of the glass tube bent into a variety of folding shape, made more moving graphics; also in the lamp wall coated with phosphor, the color is more bright and colorful; some Neon Glow Lamp On the automatic ignition, so that all kinds of light times the first off, add radiance and beauty to make the city night become colorful.