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Neon Glow Lamp Can Emit A Variety Of Beautiful Colors

Oct 26, 2017

When the night comes, we walk in the streets, everywhere you can see the colorful neon lights, it put the city decorated more beautiful. Ni and the rainbow, are natural things beautiful, neon lights such as the beautiful rainbow rainbow general.

Neon is a special low-pressure cold cathode glow discharge light-emitting light source, by filling the glass tube of low-pressure inert gas, in the high-voltage electric field under the cold cathode glow discharge and light, he can emit a variety of beautiful Color, so that the city night has become colorful, and now there are many businesses to use. Neon is the British chemist Ramsey and his assistant accidentally discovered, they opened the door of the neon world, since the advent of 1910, after a hundred years.

Neon signs

Neon and love his electric light compared to the following characteristics

1. efficient

Neon because it has its own cold cathode characteristics, the temperature of the lamp when the work is 60 degrees Celsius, so it can work in the open sun and rain or work in the water, neon lights also have a strong penetration, even in the rain And fog can also have a good visual effect.

Low energy consumption

Today, the continuous development of science and technology and innovation, manufacturing technology on the neon and related parts of the manufacturing level is also rising. New electrode, the application of new electronic transformers, so that the power consumption of neon lights greatly reduced by 56 watts per meter lamp power consumption per kilometer to 12 watts.

3. Long life

Neon long life is any other one of the electric light source is difficult to match, it can work in the case of continuous power, life of up to 10,000 hours or more.

4. flexible and diverse

Because the neon is made of glass tube, the glass tube can be bent into any shape of any kind of paper, very flexible, but also choose in different types of neon tube into the different inert gas, you can get colorful, more The color of light.

5. strong dynamic

Neon lights can be set to beating scan, gradient scanning, color mixing color seven color scanning, can form a pair of deputy flow of the screen, like the sky rainbow, like the world Galaxy, more like a dream world, with strong dynamic.