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Neon Glow Lamp Has Always Been One Of The Main Forms Of Night Billboards

Oct 18, 2017

Neon lights since asking the city, has been one of the main forms of night billboards, relative to other forms of night lighting advertising with the following advantages:

1, low energy consumption

In the era of technological innovation, neon manufacturing technology and related parts of the technical level of the page in the continuous progress. New electrode, the application of new electronic transformers, so that the power consumption of neon lights greatly reduced by the past per meter lamp power consumption of 56 watts down to the current per meter lamp power consumption of 12 watts.

2, high efficiency

Neon lights rely on both ends of the lamp electrode in the high voltage electric field under the lamp of the inert gas burning, it is different from the ordinary light source must be tungsten wire to high temperature to light, causing a lot of power in the form of heat energy is consumed, so , With the same amount of electricity, neon lights have higher brightness. And with the corresponding high-power neon power (neon transformer), then the power will be further improved; our factory corresponding to the "gold when the transformer" has NG.B002LC and NG.B208LC and so on; it is characterized by high power factor, Can reach greater than 0.9, wide load range.

3, long life

Neon lights in the case of continuous work without electricity, life of 10,000 hours or more, this advantage is difficult to achieve any other electric light source. More complete product technology and installation technology and the corresponding maintenance, you can improve the life of neon; we "when the transformer" in the provision of the transformer at the same time can provide the appropriate installation and maintenance of knowledge.

4, the temperature is low, the use of climate restrictions

Neon because of its cold cathode characteristics, the work of the lamp temperature below 60 ° C, so can be placed in the open sun rain or work in the water. Also because of its working characteristics, neon spectrum has a strong penetration, in the rain or fog still maintain a good visual effect. And with the corresponding high-brightness neon power (neon transformer), then the brightness will be further improved; our corresponding "gold when the transformer" NG.408BC1, NG.B002LC1 and NG.B208LC1, and so on three Features are stable performance, high brightness, comparable with the inductive transformer.

5, making flexible, diverse colors

Neon lights are made of glass tube, after firing, glass tube can be bent into any shape, with great flexibility, by selecting different types of tubes and filled with different inert gas, neon can get colorful, a variety of colors of light The

6, dynamic strong, good effect, economical and practical

The neon screen consists of a bright lamp and a dynamic light-emitting scanning tube, which can be set to jitter scan, gradient scan, and color change. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanner equipped with a microcomputer chip. The scanning tube is illuminated or disembarked by a good program to form a pair of sub-flow images, like a rainbow in the sky, like a Galaxy in the world, and more like a fantastic world. Unforgettable. Therefore, the neon is a less investment, the effect of strong, economical and practical form of advertising.