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Neon Glow Lamp In The Stage Lighting In The Interpretation

Oct 20, 2017

Stage lighting before the incandescent lamp, metal halide lamp and dysprosium lamp and other gas discharge lamp. With the development of China's market economy, the demand for mass cultural life gradually prominent, the stage of the demand for light is also increasing. Laser, rainbow lights, snow Neon Glow Lamp have been gradually on the stage, coupled with the improvement of lighting, computer technology applications, the stage performance was colorful, bright and beautiful; dynamic thousands of stage effects have a new leap. Especially Neon Glow Lamp. In the past, Neon Glow Lamp were installed outdoors, made of advertising signs or external walls. Rarely on the stage. Later, due to the neon light dimming technology, color technology and the development of control technology, coupled with the need for neon expression of the stage effect, finally, Neon Glow Lamp in the stage lighting occupies an important position. At present, there are still many people on the use of Neon Glow Lamp cautious, not bold use. In order to make the performance of Neon Glow Lamp in the stage lighting is nothing but color, shape, state three aspects. "Shape" is the combination of static and dynamic, is the mood of the change. Modern neon technology to today, has been able to easily show the stage on the color, shape, state.

1, "color" expression

Neon light color (hereinafter referred to as "light color") is not like the color of painting, can be any deployment, to design neon effect, generally in the limited light color choice. Neon light color can be divided into three categories: (1) through the colored glass neon tube to obtain light color. The lamp is excited by the ionization of the inert gas or mercury vapor in the lamp, and the visible light is emitted directly or through the phosphor, and the light is obtained by the color filter of the color lamp. The lamp has a lamp when the lamp is turned off To retain the characteristics of color, in the stage applications, such as extinguishing the lamp still need to retain the color of the lamp shape, you can choose such Neon Glow Lamp. (2) Do not charge mercury to get the color of the neon tube. This kind of lamp is a fluorescent type neon lamp, the lamp is made of transparent glass, because the inside of the lamp tube coated with phosphor, so the general appearance of white. Mainly through the lamp in the inert gas ionization excitation, through the phosphor, issued visible light. (3) Mercury-emitting neon tube gets color. Through the lamp mercury vapor in the ultraviolet light to stimulate a variety of phosphors and get light color. The appearance of the lamp is white. Of course, there are other categories of professional methods, this article is not introduced. Table 1 is the neon light color and glass tube color of the table, you can refer to the selection.

There is also a way to express the color, is the use of neon color technology. This technology is the use of red, green and blue three kinds of primary colors of light, through different dimming ratio, resulting in color mixing effect, to achieve light color. When the distance from the stage closer, not like the outdoor long-distance lighting works like the use of color technology, but should be concealed light way, through the frosted glass or other translucent material light (such as opal plexiglass, light box cloth, etc.). After this treatment, the discoloration effect is smooth and natural. In addition, in some shape borders to install the groove, in the groove to install three primary color lamp, can also produce discoloration effect. Installation diagram shown in Figure 1.

Discoloration effect can be produced through the color scanner or artificial control of color change, resulting in more than 2,000 kinds of colors. There are two effects of mutant color and gradient. Can also be handled by the circuit, the various positions of the Neon Glow Lamp at the same time discoloration, color effect of the synchronization is very strong, you can produce extraordinary momentum on the stage effect. The use of Neon Glow Lamp on the stage color technology is indirect light, brightness has a certain loss, please use instructions in the instructions.

2, "shape" expression. Mainly point, line and surface expression, the use of Neon Glow Lamp will be painted out of the local shape.

(1) point of expression: the neon can be bent into a dot, with a dedicated transformer light;

(2) line expression: is the strength of Neon Glow Lamp. At present, the domestic neon tube diameter of 3-20mm a variety of specifications, which in the stage to the diameter of 7-12mm up to the stage design can be based on the shape, text and other bending molding, the stage is the specific location of the expression of light, there is no Other light sources can be replaced.

(3) surface expression: In order to express a plane of the chip light, you can close the lamp on its front, so when the tube can be arranged, suitable for use in the long and large scenes; , Through the frosted glass or other semi-transparent light (such as opal plexiglass or computer painting cloth, etc.), in order to add the loss of brightness, the general use of bright neon tube and encrypted arrangement of the lamp approach.