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Neon Glow Lamp Introduction

May 25, 2017

Neon Glow Lamp introduction

Neon Glow Lamp Fundamental

Neon Glow Lamp using cold cathode gas discharge cathode near the negative area of the bright light source. It is in a small glass bubble, sealed two close to each other and separated from each other metal electrodes (the electrode sometimes coated with electron emission material), and filled with thousands of pounds of pressure neon, argon or neon mixed gas.

Neon Glow Lamp Performance characteristics

When the voltage applied between the two electrodes is high enough to indicate that the light source that is the fire discharge, the ignition voltage is usually about 80V, showing orange. When the neon gas is mixed with a small amount of argon, the red component in the luminous color is enhanced. Neon glow work, the circuit must be connected in series with a current limiting resistor, the power consumption of about 0.25 ~ 3W, light source surface brightness of 1250cd / m2 or so, life of 5000 ~ 30000h. In order to improve the indication effect, the end of the bubble is sometimes made into a lens shape.

Neon Glow Lamp structure is simple, small size, low surface temperature, high mechanical strength, good shock resistance, power consumption, long life, can be paid, DC power dual-use.

Neon Glow Lamp Category division

Neon Glow Lamp can be divided into working principle is neon and fluorescent glow light two categories. Neon is the ordinary Neon Glow Lamp. Fluorescent glow is in the ordinary Neon Glow Lamp inside the glass bubble coated with a fluorescent substance, the use of light glow discharge generated by the ultraviolet light to stimulate the fluorescent light, so you can get blue, green, yellow, pink and other instructions Colour. In order to enhance the emission of ultraviolet light generated in the gas to improve the luminous brightness of fluorescent substances, the lamp can be injected into a small amount of mercury or xenon, but the lamp life than the neon short, about thousands to 10,000 hours.

Neon Glow Lamp development trend

Neon glow is a wedge-shaped shape, no metal lamp and small size of the development, has made the outer diameter of 3mm ultra-small neon.

Neon Glow Lamp Practical application

Neon Glow Lamp is commonly used in distribution boxes, equipment, household appliances, camera flash, automotive and aeronautical instruments, etc., indicating whether the power supply, switch contact and cut off, the working conditions of the equipment; a large number of light source array, also Can be used for large screen display. In order to facilitate the use, sometimes the current limiting resistor directly into the lamp, constitute one.

The use of glow discharge principle, the same can be made into a variety of artistic decorative lights, the two electrodes were required shape or font, the inner surface of the bubble coated with a variety of phosphor or other materials, discharge electrodes appear different colors.