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Neon Glow Lamp Is One Of The Main Forms Of Outdoor Advertising

Aug 03, 2017

  Neon Glow Lamp is one of the main forms of outdoor advertising, but also for the night to increase color and dynamic. Decorative Neon Glow Lamp should pay attention to the surrounding environment and other advertising buildings in harmony. And pay attention to maintenance and repair.

  Neon Glow Lamp advertising has been nearly a hundred years of history. As the air contains 0.0018% of the Neon Glow Lamp (Ne) element of rare gases, power can be paid after the red light, known as the Neon Glow Lamp. The use of Neon Glow Lamp to do the ads called Neon Glow Lamp advertising. As the glass tube can be folded into a variety of different shapes after heating, colorful Neon Glow Lamp advertising is by the technical workers according to the design intention after bending processing, at both ends of the device electrode, draw the tube of air, filling a small amount of inert gas and closed up, Pass on the high voltage, will be issued light.

  Neon Glow Lamp are constructed in a variety of configurations, specifications, functions and technologies. The main forms are: signs, indicators, paneling, posters, transparent slogans, signal plates and so on. The light source has a gas lamp, transparent color incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and high pressure inflatable fluorescent lamp.