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Neon Glow Lamp Low Temperature And Long Life

Sep 05, 2017

Manufacturing neon way, is the use of low melting point of sodium - calcium silicate glass lamp, according to the need to design a different pattern and text, with a torch for processing, and then sintering the electrode, and then vacuum pump, and according to the required color Filled with different rare gases and made. Modern neon lights more refined, and some of the glass tube bent into a variety of folding shape, made more moving graphics; and some in the lamp wall coated with phosphor, the color is more bright and colorful; some neon lights installed Automatic ignition, so that all kinds of light times the first off, add radiance and beauty to make the city night become colorful.

Since the advent of 

Neon Glow Lamp Low since 1910, after a hundred years. It is a special low-voltage cold cathode glow discharge light source, and is different from other arc lamps such as fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, mercury lamps, incandescent lamps and so on. 

Neon Glow Lamp Low are filled with low-pressure inert gas in the glass tube, in the high-voltage electric field under the cold cathode glow discharge and light. Neon light color is determined by the characteristics of the inert gas into the spectral characteristics: light tube neon filled neon,Neon Glow Lamp Low red; fluorescent neon filled with argon and mercury, neon blue, yellow and other light, these two Large class of neon lights are dependent on the work of the gas atom Attenuation radiation. 

First, the characteristics

1. High efficiency

rely on light ends of the electrode head in the high-voltage electric field under the lamp of rare gas burning, it is different from the ordinary light source must be tungsten wire to high temperature to light, causing a lot of energy in the form of heat energy is consumed, With the same amount of electricity, neon lights have higher brightness.

2. Low temperature

Neon because of its cold cathode characteristics, the work of the lamp temperature below 60°C, so can be placed in the open sun rain or work in the water. Also because of its working characteristics, neon spectrum has a strong penetration, in the rain or fog still maintain a good visual effect.

3. Low energy consumption

In the era of continuous innovation, neon manufacturing technology and related parts of the technical level is also continuous improvement. New electrode, the application of new electronic transformers, so that the power consumption of neon lights greatly reduced by 56 watts per meter lamp power consumption per kilometer to 12 watts.

4. long life

Neon lights in the case of continuous work without electricity, life of 10,000 hours or more, this advantage is difficult to achieve any other electric light source.

5. Flexible and diverse

Neon lights are made of glass tube, after firing, the glass tube can be bent into any shape, with great flexibility, by selecting different types of tubes and filled with different inert gas, neon can get colorful, a variety of colors of light The

6. Dynamic strong

Neon lights by the bright lights and dynamic light of the scanning tube, can be set to beep scanning, gradient scanning, color mixing seven color scanning. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanner equipped with a microcomputer chip. The scanning tube is illuminated or disembarked by a good program to form a pair of sub-flow images, like a rainbow in the sky, like a Galaxy in the world, and more like a fantastic world. Unforgettable. Therefore, the neon is a less investment, the effect of strong, economical and practical form of advertising.

Neon is a cold cathode glow discharge tube, the radiation spectrum has a strong ability to penetrate the atmosphere, colorful, colorful, luminous efficiency is significantly better than ordinary incandescent, its line structure is rich in performance, can Processing bending into any geometric shape to meet the design requirements, through the electronic program control, variable color patterns and text by the people welcome.

Second, the working principle

When the external power supply circuit is connected, the transformer output will produce thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts of high pressure. When this high voltage is applied to the electrodes at both ends of the neon tube, the charged particles in the neon tube are accelerated in the high voltage electric field and fly to the electrode, which can generate a large amount of electrons. These excited electrons are accelerated in high voltage electric fields and collide with gas atoms in the lamp. When these electrons hit the free gas atoms of the energy is large enough, it can make the gas atoms ionization and become positive ions and electrons, which is the gas ionization phenomenon. The collision between the charged particles and the gas atoms, the excess energy is emitted in the form of photons, which completes the neon light glowing the whole process.