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Neon Glow Lamp Originated In France

Aug 03, 2017

  Neon Glow Lamp originated in France. At that time the lamp body diameter of 45 mm, the first glass tube bent into the required text or pattern, and then use a voltage of more than 10,000 volts of transformer power supply, so that light. At that time, both ends of the lamp electrode made of graphite, filled with nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas, the former will be red, the latter made white. As the two gases are more lively, it is easy to chemical reaction with the graphite electrode, the cathode splash out of the graphite quickly in the glass tube wall to form a black film layer, and a large number of absorption into the lamp inside the gas, so that the tube inflatable The pressure drops quickly, resulting in a very short life of Neon Glow Lamp. At that time in order to solve this problem, especially in the Neon Glow Lamp tube plus a special solenoid valve, and in the use of Neon Glow Lamp after a period of time to re-add a certain amount of gas to the lamp, but this did not fundamentally overcome the above defects. Therefore, this lamp is not only short life, the production process is complex, and expensive, very difficult to popularize.

  Between 1907 and 1910, scientists Claude and Linde invented liquid air fractionation. The use of this invention, in the Neon Glow Lamp filled with a certain amount of inert gas, which significantly slowed down the gas consumption in the lamp speed, the color is also rich, can produce red, green, blue, yellow and other colors. On the eve of the Second World War, photoluminescent materials were developed. This material not only can send a variety of colors of light, and luminous efficiency is also high, we call it a phosphor. Phosphors are used in the production of Neon Glow Lamp, the brightness of the Neon Glow Lamp is not only significantly improved, and the color of the lamp is more vivid, varied, but also simplifies the process of making lights. Therefore, after the end of the Second World War, the Neon Glow Lamp has been rapid development.

  Neon Glow Lamp according to the glass tube wall of the different powder, the file is divided into three types: the first is the glass wall does not apply any phosphor, direct use of colorless transparent glass tube, usually called Ming; In the transparent glass tube coated with phosphor, we call it powder; the third is the use of stained glass tube, and in the glass tube wall evenly coated with phosphor, we call it CPT.

  Neon Glow Lamp life in normal circumstances higher than fluorescent and incandescent, to achieve this level must be done three points: 1, the production staff level is too strong, the exhaust personnel bombardment dejected, thoroughly; 2, start its transformer must not overload ; 3, the installation staff detailed and reasonable installation; as long as the above requirements, the practice proved that the life of Neon Glow Lamp is higher than the fluorescent and incandescent.