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Neon Indicator Lamp The Origin Of History

May 25, 2017

Neon Indicator Lamp of the origin of the light

Neon Indicator Lamp light is a colorless, tasteless, non-flammable rare gas lamp. Normally the Neon Indicator Lamp can be used as a color neon light for outdoor advertising. In addition, it can be used for visual light indicators, voltage regulation, and laser mixture components.

British chemist William Ramsey found that argon and helium found that their properties were not similar to the other elements found, so he proposed a new chemical element in the chemical periodic table. He also deduced that the family should have an element Neon Indicator Lamp with an atomic weight of 20, based on the hypothesis of Mendeleev's classification of elemental cycles.

Between 1896 and 1897, Ramsey, with the help of Tel Aviv, tried to heat the rare metal minerals in the same way he found helium to get the element he predicted. They tested a lot of ore but did not find it. Finally they thought that the gas was separated from the air. But to remove the argon in the air is very difficult, the chemical method is basically impossible to use. Only the first air into a liquid state, and then use the composition of its composition of the different boiling point, so that they have become a gas, one by one to separate out. May 24, 1898 Ramsey received a small amount of liquid air from the British Hampson. Ramsay and Travis first separated krypton from the liquid air. Then they again on the separation of the argon was repeatedly liquefied, volatile, collecting volatile components which. June 12, 1898 they finally found the neon, created a neon light Neon indicator.