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Neon Lamp Belonging To The Cold Cathode Gas Discharge Lamp

Nov 01, 2017

Neon lamp, all known as neon argon glow light, are cold cathode gas discharge lamp. The neon lamp consists of a glass shell, a specially treated electrode, and a neon argon gas. The electrode is connected to the external circuit through the lead wire and glows at the bipolar contact voltage.

Neon lamp using its discharge luminous characteristics, electrical characteristics or dual-use characteristics, in electrical equipment, electronic circuits or instrumentation for use in the circuit components, electrical equipment. Electronic circuit or circuit components. Can use the neon light emission characteristics, for a variety of household appliances and power distribution board with the power indicator, the fuse monitor, high-frequency voltage indication and test pen instructions.

Such as the more bulbs arranged in the ranks, with the appropriate circuit to make some of the lamp fade, you can appear lit characters or images, and can transform.

Neon lights are also used as digital instructions or graphic ads, very eye-catching. Using its electrical characteristics can be applied to DC voltage stability, circuit protection, charging voltage indication and relaxation oscillation circuit. Neon light and the use of electronic characteristics of the application of the trigger circuit and so on.

Neon is also widely used in photoelectric instructions and coffee pots, fans, rice cookers, irons, electric mosquito coils, multi-purpose socket and wall switches and other electrical power signal components.

Neon lights, also known as neon lights, lighting is now emerging lighting, neon has been very popular with customers, professional, high life, good quality and so on, mostly neon relative to the advantages of other lighting, neon current circuit There is a limit, the maximum can only manage the current of 128, neon circuit matching wick, so the current is to expand the neon current is necessary to expand the neon current method with the neon pin to contact the current, while Neon will send a signal. Neon lights as an electric light source and an important branch, is the most versatile decorative lanterns. A variety of neon form, a variety of colors set in one, is often the most attractive time. Neon color discoloration and change tone by a computer program to adjust and control, colorful life more and more people's attention.

Red neon is now a gas discharge lamp, is now a new lighting lighting, red neon is now the most common one, red neon and fluorescent glow can use its luminous characteristics, electrical characteristics And the use of two features and make various applications, the red neon light characteristics of the application examples: a variety of household appliances and power distribution board with the power indicator, the use of fuse monitors, high-frequency voltage indication and test pen instructions and so on. Red neon in the case of continuous work, life can still reach 2000 hours, red neon line structure expressive, red neon light, beauty, dynamic characteristics, is any electric light source can not be replaced. Red neon is the most commonly used, the price is relatively relatively cheap, which is also the reason for the red neon received favor, neon is through the high voltage bombardment of the electrode, neon is a relatively strong professional industry.