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Neon Lamp Can Also Be Called Energy-saving Lamps,

Jul 28, 2017

  Neon Lamp can also be called energy-saving lamps, its rated current is small, power, commonly used in the light of the small light bulbs, most of the applications used in a variety of household appliances. Neil lamp working life in the end can reach how many hours it? I believe we will be more understanding, neon in the case of continuous work, life will be shortened, then how will we avoid this problem? First of all we need to know the specific neon lamp life is 25,000 hours -30000 hours, then the neon in the case of continuous operation, it is best to reach ten thousand hours of time to stop working, then this time, life changes neon on Will not be so much impact, only a little less than the original life, so we use the neon when the neon to make long life, should be appropriate to stop the work of neon.

  Neon Lamp at both ends of a foot, neon by a neon discharge tube and a glass in parallel with the external pin, neon pin is made of aluminum, the use of neon bubble discharge heating, so that the neon in the open and close glass When the luminescence, causing the neon current mutation and produce high-voltage pulse added to both ends of the lamp. Neon light normally only allows little current through the current, then the voltage at both ends of the neon lamp below the power supply voltage. Neon lamp leads to the neon light, is an indispensable part of neon. Neon lamp tube coated with phosphor, the two Neon Lamp between the gas when the ultraviolet light, so that neon light issued a soft visible light. Neon lamp in the normal light process, the ballast self-inductance also plays a stable circuit in the role of current. Neon generally widely used in a variety of appliances, household appliances, LED lighting, indicated generally play a role, neon lamp used in the circuit, it is normally necessary to add resistance, because the starter neon The voltage is relatively low, so to be added to the resistance in the circuit can be directly lit, plus resistance is to stabilize the neon voltage, to achieve the stability of the circuit.