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Neon Lamp Color Distinction

Jun 26, 2017

  Neon Lamp Color Distinction

  Neon Lamp commonly used colors are: red Neon Lamp, green Neon Lamp, blue Neon Lamp, yellow Neon Lamp, white Neon Lamp and so on, there are two different colors in Neon Lamp, red Neon Lamp and yellow Neon Lamp two, because the brightness of the color will be relatively close, so in use, some customers may not recognize the color of Neon Lamp is the kind of, in fact, it is better to distinguish between the Neon Lamp in the process of light, then not in the light of the time, you can identify first, Neon Lamp glass shell is transparent or white, If the white vitreous, then the Neon Lamp luminous color is red, because so Neon Lamp, only the red glow is transparent, the other light of the glass shell is white, from this point can be very good recognition, Neon Lamp of the luminous color, if it is other colors, light after the point can distinguish what color.

  Neon Lamp different color, the price is not the same, some people ask: why Blue Neon Lamp and red Neon Lamp price difference so much? Below we will be detailed decomposition under the blue Neon Lamp more expensive reason, first of all, we first come to understand, Neon Lamp the most commonly used some of the colors?

  are: Red, green, blue, color, white, orange and so on, then these colors are more commonly used in our real life, red Neon Lamp dosage should be the largest, the price is also the cheapest, a few cents a, why so cheap it?

  Because the appearance of red Neon Lamp is transparent, do it relatively simple, not color difference, and there will be no loss, so in the price, relatively low, then green Neon Lamp in our rice cooker is also very common, but the green Neon Lamp appearance is not transparent, add the fluorescent powder, and the color of the time is more unstable, there will be deviations, phosphor plus more also bad, less brightness is not enough, so there is a certain degree of difficulty, then when it comes to blue Neon Lamp, this is the hardest a, because a little careless, chromatic aberration will be very serious, The whole Neon Lamp could not be used, and the Neon Lamp in the blue Neon Lamp was relatively different, add the Neon Lamp gas, and the phosphor's scheduling also exactly, basically blue Neon Lamp yield only 80%, the other 20% is the scrap, the first in the process, in the cost, in the artificial blue Neon Lamp the cost is much higher, so the price of the sale is certainly not the same.