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Neon Lamp Development In Recent Years We Are More Concerned About The Topic

Oct 18, 2017

Neon Lamp development in recent years we are more concerned about the topic, the state is now vigorously developing the direction of Lamp, I believe we can see more than a few years the development of the Lamp industry is still a lot of good, and there is a rise Trend, then neon is now the development of Lamp an important project, the past few years the rise of the Lamp industry is also quite concerned about, because to our country led the development of the industry, so the state has been strong support for the Lamp industry, that neon The trend of Lamp is also worthy of our attention, because now many products will be used on this little neon, neon is small, the role is indeed large. The country will also vigorously develop the Lamp industry.

LED Lamp and neon Lamp are two commonly used, of course, these two models have their own advantages, but the use of the product will have some differences, the two lamps of the market occupy the general, neon use of the majority of products with Home appliances, electrical appliances are related, and LED Lamp are computers, cameras and other products used. Neon and LED Lamp are different, but the use of different products, but the role is much the same.

Neon Lamp with a wide range of resistance to a variety of household appliances, electrical appliances and other products, then the processing time, neon plus resistance which precautions? First of all we have to confirm that our products used in the circuit voltage is how much, generally more common two are: 110v and 220v. Then the use of the circuit, it must be divided with the use of resistance, because with the resistance of the resistance will be related to the use of circuit voltage. The resistor itself can increase the voltage of the neon lamp, thus using the voltage of the circuit to prolong the life of the neon lamp. Resistance also has another function, that is, the deployment of brightness, because in the circuit to accompany what kind of resistance, you can determine the brightness of the neon in the circuit. Resistance is small, the higher the brightness of the neon, the greater the resistance, the smaller the brightness, bright neon, life will be shorter, so when used, we still have to choose good. Neon itself life of 25000-30000 hours, if the brightness is high, life can only 18000-20000 hours between.

Neon lamp itself will be relatively low voltage, so when used in the circuit, plus the resistance, you can very good application of the circuit voltage, in order to successfully through the circuit.