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Neon Lamp High Voltage And Low Current

Sep 26, 2017

Neon lamp using its discharge luminous characteristics, electrical characteristics or dual-use characteristics, in electrical equipment, electronic circuits or instrumentation for use in the circuit components, electrical equipment. Electronic circuit or circuit components. Can use the neon light emission characteristics, for a variety of household appliances and power distribution board with the power indicator, the fuse monitor, high-frequency voltage indication and test pen instructions.

Such as the more bulbs arranged in the ranks, with the appropriate circuit to make some of the lamp fade, you can appear lit characters or images, and can transform.

Neon lights are also used as digital instructions or graphic ads, very eye-catching. Using its electrical characteristics can be applied to DC voltage stability, circuit protection, charging voltage indication and relaxation oscillation circuit. Neon light and the use of electronic characteristics of the application of the trigger circuit and so on.

Neon is also widely used in photoelectric instructions and coffee pots, fans, rice cookers, irons, electric mosquito coils, multi-purpose socket and wall switches and other electrical power signal components.

NE-2UH, the green fluorescent lamp NE-2G, the blue fluorescent lamp NE-2B, the yellow fluorescent lamp, the yellow fluorescent lamp, the green fluorescent lamp NE-2Y, white fluorescent light NE-2W. According to the specifications and size of the model is divided into: 3 * 10 4 * 10 5 * 11 5 * 12 5 * 13 6 * 11 6 * 12 6 * 13 6 * 15 6 * 16.

Neon work features: high voltage, small current. The high voltage power supply used in the neon lamp is provided by a transformer. This transformer is a single phase transformer with a low voltage output voltage of 220V VAC, a high voltage output voltage of 15,000 volts and a capacity of 450 VA. In other words, neon lights in normal operation, neon transformer to limit the lamp current through the maximum current. According to safety requirements, the general neon transformer secondary no-load voltage is not greater than 15000 volts, secondary short-circuit current than the party running current high 15-25%. Commonly used neon transformer capacity of energy-saving transformer 130 volts, hand-cutting 600 volts, ballast starting 500 volts, 450 volt, primary voltage 220 volts, current 2 amp; secondary voltage 15000 volts, current 24 mA, Secondary short circuit current 30 mA. It can light the diameter of 12mm, expand the length of 12m lamp. Generally through the specially designed leakage magnetic transformer to the neon power supply, the workers for the line, the power is connected, the transformer secondary high voltage generated by the lamp gas ionization, issued a color glow. The starting voltage of the lamp is proportional to the length of the lamp and is inversely proportional to the size of the pipe and is related to the type and pressure of the gas to be filled.