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Neon Lamp Industry Development

Jul 28, 2017

  Neon Lamp industry development

  Neon Lamp development in recent years we are more concerned about the topic, the state is now vigorously developing the direction of lighting, I believe we can see more than a few years the development of the lighting industry is still a lot of good, and there is a rise Trend, then neon is now an important project for the development of lighting, the past few years the rise of the lighting industry is also a considerable concern, because to our country led the development of the industry, so the state has been strong support for the lighting industry, Neon Lamp that neon The trend of light is also worthy of our attention, because now many products will be used on this little neon, neon is small, the role is indeed big. The country will also vigorously develop the lighting industry.

  LED lights and neon lights are two commonly used, of course, these two have their own advantages, but the use of the product will have some differences, the two lamps of the market occupy the general, neon use of the majority of products with Home appliances, electrical appliances are related, and LED lights are computers, cameras and other products used. Neon and LED lights are different, but the use of different products, but the role is similar.

  Neon lamp can use its luminous characteristics, electrical characteristics and dual-use characteristics and make various applications. Application examples of light-emitting characteristics: a variety of household appliances and power distribution board with the power indicator, Neon Lamp the use of fuse monitors, high-frequency voltage indication and test pen instructions and so on. Neon lights are now commonly used on the market, can be divided into: red neon, green neon, blue neon, yellow neon, white neon, bright neon, indicating neon, neon, neon plus resistance species. Neon is also widely used in photoelectric instructions and coffee pots, fans, rice cookers, Neon Lamp electric irons, electric mosquito coils, multi-purpose socket and wall switches and other electrical power signal components.