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Neon Lamp Is A Cold Cathode Glow Discharge Tube

Jun 26, 2017

  Neon lamp is a cold cathode glow discharge tube, the radiation spectrum has a strong ability to penetrate the atmosphere, colorful bright, colorful, luminous efficiency is significantly better than ordinary incandescent, its line structure is rich in performance, Can be processed into any geometric shape bent to meet the design requirements, through the electronic program control, variable color patterns and text by the people welcome. Under the action of high voltage, a small amount of free electrons to the anode movement, the gas molecules of the rapid free excitation of electrons to accelerate the movement, so that the tube gas conduction, issued a color glow (also known as rainbow), in a closed glass tube, Helium, argon and other gases, neon lamp at both ends with two metal electrodes, because the tube of gas is composed of countless molecules, the electrode is generally made of copper material, electrode lead access power circuit, coupled with a high-voltage transformer , A voltage of 10 to 15 kV is applied to the electrode.

  In the normal state, the molecule is neutral with the atom. Neon principle of the luminous color and the use of gas and lamp tube color; neon principle if the light yellow tube built neon will be issued golden yellow light, if the colorless transparent tube built neon will be issued yellow and white Light. Neon light principle to produce different colors of light, it is necessary to use many different colors of the neon lamp or neon lamp into the different gas.

  Neon widely used in a variety of electrical appliances, is my company's main products. As the neon volume is relatively small, and the use of space more limited, so very much when the product design is based on the volume of the neon to design. But the appearance of the neon is not fixed, because the appearance of the neon is the glass's sake, so many products in the design of the time, but also according to neon specifications in the amplification of some, so as to avoid the appearance of neon deformation, and then products Not installed up to the situation. First of all, in the design of the product, not only according to the requirements of neon to design, according to the requirements of the entire product, to plan a good product design.

  Previously there are customers to my company to reflect, said the neon lamp lamp seriously deformed, the customer's product is not installed, and the high rate of bad, because the neon lamp is not used to shape the model, but with fire to remove , So it will inevitably have a deformed state, with the fire to cut the neon lamp lamp head will inevitably appear the size of the difference, so if the neon sample design, then there will be a lot of head does not fit, stuck in the outside The