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Neon Lamp Is A New Type Of Energy-saving Lamps

Oct 18, 2017

Neon Lamp is a new type of energy-saving lamps, now use the product is very wide, it also has a marked the name of the green Lamping, neon implementation on the function of a lot of energy-saving lamps are not achieve them, its color changes, environmental protection low carbon, green, energy-saving, long life, suitable for high end product is used, especially in household electrical appliances product application.Because the neon of small volume, Lamp emitting area is not very wide, so used to the product is also used for indication, the corresponding function can be a good play to neon the best effect.The stand or fall of neon distinguish is not only embodies in the life, and products to adapt to the situation, the comprehensive assessment.Added resistance of neon Lamp, can be directly used in the circuit, because of neon glow voltage is smaller, if used directly in the circuit, through the voltage of the assembly of neon rupture, and even explosion, so in use at the same time also need to be aware of.

Called the neon Lamp, neon argon glow lamp, belongs to the cold cathode discharge lamp.Neon lamp consists of glass shell, through special processing of electrode, neon, argon.Electrode through the lead wire connected to the external circuit, a glow under the contact between voltage.Neon Lamp-emitting principle: neon with curved bimetallic strip (two different kinds of expansion coefficient of metal), make an electrode;Do the other electrode fixed end.When the neon lamps with voltage, neon will lambe, bimetallic strip in the metal temperature environment will assert and fixed electrode contact, is a state of work, the circuit connected.But after circuit connected, neon will stop heating;Bimetallic strip is in a different environment temperature, sheet metal bending, and away from the fixed electrode contact, circuit disconnection.Back to square one.