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Neon Lamp Large Number Of Applications In Urban Neon Lights

Oct 18, 2017

Neon is an inert gas that, in general, does not react with other substances. Neon in the discharge when the orange red glow, a large number of applications in the city neon. In addition, the daily use of the test pen is also filled with neon, which is the use of neon discharge light and the resistance of the characteristics of great. When using the test pen, the pen tip touches the circuit under test and touches the tip of the stylus to form a loop. The current flows from one end of the pen, after the neon, the current strength down to the human safety range, and then reach the tail, the human body into the earth. When you see the middle of the test pen neon window lit orange, proved to be tested circuit power is good.

Neon lamp using its discharge luminous characteristics, electrical characteristics or dual-use characteristics, in electrical equipment, electronic circuits or instrumentation for use in the circuit components, electrical equipment. Electronic circuit or circuit components. Can use the neon light emission characteristics, for a variety of household appliances and power distribution board with the power indicator, the fuse monitor, high-frequency voltage indication and test pen instructions.

General neon in the case of continuous work, the use of life will be relatively shortened, the service life is generally between 20000 hours, if not continuous use, then life will be longer. Neon lamp life will be based on what the resistance to change the specifications, if the resistance is to change the brightness of neon, neon lamp life will be relatively reduced, high brightness, life is short. And now the life of the red neon is relatively long, the other colors of the neon is to reduce the red neon thousands of hours.

Neon lamp power supply voltage must be higher than 20% of the starting voltage, the exchange of work neon bubble can also work in the DC ... limit power 50mw limit current 20ma reverse voltage 5v forward voltage drop 10ma.