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Neon Lamp Why Is There No Filament?

Jun 26, 2017

  Neon Lamp Why is there no filament? Because the Neon Lamp is the use of gas mixture produced by the light source, a strong voltage into the lamp, and the lamp inside the gas produced running-in, so that Neon Lamp , Neon Lamp and other lighting is not the same, is a gas-driven fluorescent lamp principle, unlike white weaving lamp is required to emit a filament, and now white weaving lamp because life is short, and the filament is easy to break, almost is to be eliminated, Neon Lamp into the lighting market, replaced the white weaving lamp forehead market. Neon Lamp because the gas is different, will make the lights out of different colors of light, in the current era of electric light, understand the lighting market is also a certain necessity, because at any time to follow up the relevant situation, to know what the customer needs, the company produces products can give customers what benefits, which is related.

  Neon Lamp in the power supply, will also glow, that is because Neon Lamp has static electricity, as long as there is a magnetic object encountered, Neon Lamp will produce a certain source of light, Neon Lamp the Kai-hui voltage is generally not very high, so Neon Lamp is required to cooperate with the resistance in the circuit, because add the resistor, the voltage in the circuit will not pass directly, this will cause Neon Lamp burst, Neon Lamp plus resistance, the use of the voltage will also increase, the circuit will first pass the voltage of the Neon Lamp welding resistance, And the resistance will filter through the voltage, so that the voltage in the resistance through the Neon Lamp, so that the voltage will filter a little, will not produce Neon Lamp fortress situation.