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Neon LampUse A Wide Range

Aug 22, 2017

Neon lamp design more features, use is also more extensive, if the reader can seriously analyze the experiment, you can also further enhance the function of the neon and expand.

Neon lamp between the two feet of the external resistance determines the current frequency of the neon circuit, increasing the resistance of the neon, neon lamp frequency will be reduced, on the contrary, the frequency of neon lights increased. However, the neon lamp by external storage restrictions, neon circuit current can not be unlimited to improve and reduce. Neon lamp refresh should be less than 2ms, neon lamp at this time to determine the length of life, neon circuit current is too low, neon refresh not less than 2ms, will reduce the life of neon, neon plus resistance, neon plus resistance After the brightness of the neon will be about 2MHz, neon circuit current will rise, neon circuit current rise at the same time, neon life will be greatly extended to change the resistance of the neon, neon lamp life can be extended.

Neon lamp circuit current is very limited, the maximum can only manage the 128 current, neon circuit matching wick, so the current is to expand the neon current is necessary to expand the neon current method with neon pin To contact the current, while the neon will send a signal in the actual operation, it is best to have the presence of professionals, otherwise it is very dangerous, neon function is now more common, when the neon can work properly, The next operation is relatively simple, neon lights are now commonly used on the market, can be divided into: red neon, green neon, blue neon, yellow neon, white neon, bright neon, instructions Neon, neon, neon plus resistance and other types.