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On The Application Of LED Lamp In Hotel Lighting

Aug 10, 2017

  On the application of LED lamp in hotel lighting

  Hotel and hotel lighting effect has always been LED Lamp industry in the most important part of commercial lighting, whether to create a warm and harmonious and comfortable LED Lamp lighting for the promotion of hotels and guesthouses is essential.

  Hotel and hotel lighting, lies in the hotel exterior wall LED wash wall lamp guardrail tube and led projection light luminous word design, in addition, in the interior, mainly reflected in the lobby lighting, room and aisle lighting and so on, in addition, this involves some of the attractions and decorations are also equipped with LED spotlights and LED light strips for illumination echoes.

  In some hotels inside, there will be some rockery park and trees, so the installation personnel will use LED projection light, such as through debugging, through the lighting changes to foil scenic spots rockery trees beautiful. In the corridor, because the ceiling is a wooden material, many will be equipped with a warm led ceiling lamp and the installation of the tube, and the wall echoes. Additional through a number of LED spotlights and LED lights in the dark groove in the corridor of the wall painted full color, foil painting beautiful.

  In the guest room, mainly with LED Day lantern, through the warm-tone lamp to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, the texture of the marble presents, through a similar lazy led small spotlights light shot down, foil the romantic atmosphere. In the bathroom, the lighting using a soft LED lamp and LED lamp in the dark groove, through the dim soft lights, in every corner of the bathroom to enjoy the light.

  Modern city LED lamp lighting also seeks intelligent, so this LED Lamp design all adopt intelligent control system, all the LED lights in the room through the guest mobile phone application control, energy saving and environmental protection, in the experience of intelligent lighting at the same time, can also experience the hotel's different style and the times of the atmosphere, reflecting the hotel's brand level and the comfort of lighting.