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Signal Classification

Dec 06, 2016

Road traffic signal can be divided into: motor vehicle signals, pedestrian crossing lights, bicycle lights, directional lights, mobile traffic lights, ceiling lights solar flashing warning lights, toll station.
Housing: die cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, PC
Mask: PC, glass
Dimensions: ø 300mm, ø 400mm
Protection degree: IP53
Wind resistance: 45kg/MH
Category: full-screen lights, arrow lights, bicycle lights, shaped lights yellow flashing lights, Countdown lights
All exposed metal surfaces should be using hot-dip zinc coating protection, uniform and zinc coating thickness of not less than 55 u m.
Subsidiary of traffic light metal structure, standard stainless fastener applications, to comply with the relevant provisions of GB14887-2006. Integrated signal, does not allow steel hoop or the bracket to ensure appearance.