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Traffic Lights Posted Yellow Rod Usefulness Of Reflective Film

Dec 06, 2016

Under normal circumstances, traffic signal poles surfaces are galvanized, the surface color is gray, white, or silver-gray, play the role of corrosion, rust-proof. However, gray or silver-gray light bar at night and in rain, fog and low visibility weather conditions not eye-catching enough, likely to cause traffic accidents. Transport experts in the field of detailed research, it is recommended to paste the intersection traffic lights yellow reflective film, reflective film selection of good quality second-grade or a-grade film, namely, signal lever remains gray or silver-gray, interval, 50cm pasted strip of reflective film.
According to reports, the yellow reflective high visibility, more striking at night and in low visibility weather conditions, warning to the driver of the vehicle, suggesting that drivers have entered the intersection, shall be in accordance with the traffic light indicates caution. Meanwhile, on the signal pole also played a role in the beautification and protection.