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Use The LED Lamps To Note

Jul 20, 2017

  Use the LED Lamps to note

  1. Welding temperature around 260 ° C, time control within 5s, the welding point from the bottom of the package in more than 2.5mm, electric iron must be grounded.

  2. Do not lead welding LED (refer to the use of the circuit need to power off after welding LED).

  3. In the case of electricity, the LED working environment, especially when used as a lighting, avoid operating at high temperatures above 80 ° C. If it is necessary to work in a high temperature environment, be sure to make reliable ventilation and thermal design.

  4. Electrostatic protection: use and design and blue, green, white, purple LED, LED Lamp be sure to do static protection (with static ring, wear electrostatic clothing, static shoes). With a cable static ring, the static ring to ground. And should pay attention to the operating floor of the ground and the mains potential difference of not more than 5V, grounding resistance of not more than 10 Europe (protection ground must be connected, LED Lamp of course, the lower the better resistance, the industry standard is less than or equal to 4 Europe).

  5. For safety and reliability, the use of LED, the working current is best not to exceed 20mA, it is recommended to use about 15mA current.

  6.LED Lamp-emitting parts can not be too close to the heat source, LED Lamp the working conditions can not exceed its specified limit.

  7. When installing the LED, it is recommended to use the casing to prevent the pin from being deformed.

  8. Before the welding temperature returns to room temperature, LED Lamp should avoid the foot by the vibration or external force, resulting in Weld.

  9.LED side of the working voltage must not be higher than the LED junction voltage.