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What Are The Main Advantages Of LED Lamp?

Jun 13, 2017

  What are the main advantages of LED Lamp?

  Voltage: LED Lamp use low-voltage power supply, single voltage between 1.9-4V, more secure than using high-voltage power supply.

  Performance: high luminous efficiency, the current laboratory maximum luminous efficiency has reached 161 lm / w (cree), is the highest luminous efficiency of the lighting products.

  Seismic: LED light is a solid state light source, because of its particularity, with other light source products can not match the shock resistance.

  Stability: 100,000 hours, the light failure for the initial 70%

  Response time: LED light response time for the nanosecond, is the fastest response time in all light products.

  Environmental protection: no metal mercury and other harmful substances on the body.

  Color: LED with a very narrow band, the light color pure, no noise light, covering the entire range of visible light, and can be combined by R \ G \ B into any want to see the visible light.