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What Is The LED Lamp Package?

Jun 13, 2017

  What is the LED Lamp package?

  LED Lamp package explanation

  In simple, led package is packaged packaging materials into the process of LED Lamps

  LED Lamp packaging process

  General led package must be extended crystal - solid crystal - wire - filling - drying - cut feet - color separation and other processes

  LED Lamp packaging materials

  Led the main packaging materials are: chips, gold, stents, glue and so on

  LED Lamp packaging equipment

  Crystal equipment, solid crystal machine, wire bonders, dispensers, baking boxes, etc., generally divided into automatic packaging equipment, two kinds of manual packaging equipment.

  LED Lamp packaging technology

  Led packaging technology innovation is always an important factor to increase the value of the product. On the one hand, CSP chip-level package, flip-chip LED technology, to power-generation module technology matures and to achieve large-scale production, by the industry's attention, the next step is to improve the cost-effective; on the other hand, EMC package, COB integration Packaging and high-voltage LED packaging market continued to erupt, the future growth space will focus on the market segment.

  LED Lamp package is good or bad

  LED Lamps are good or bad indicators: angle, brightness, color (wavelength) consistency, anti-static ability, anti-attenuation ability

  LED Lamp package material: led package material is a direct or bad led lamp is also the most basic factors, LED Lamps is a combination of several major materials, a good LED Lamps must be all the combination of packaging materials and production technology

  Led lamp packaging technology: the general automatic equipment package is better than the manual package, the level of packaging technology is also led the quality of the main components of the package, the same material produced by different manufacturers of products are very different